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Organic Consumers Association Australia

Protecting and advancing the interests of organic consumers

Organic Consumers Association of Australia

" Advocating for an ethical industry, truth in advertising & maintaining industry standards."

The organic industry is enjoying boom times as ordinary people become more aware of the dangers of 'conventional' farming. There are now a proliferation of organic certification and organic industry associations but these have grown increasingly profit-driven and professionalised in recent years. OCAA is a non-profit grass roots association representing the interests of Australian organic consumers, seeking to put health and sustainability first.

The organics industry grew out of a grass roots movement based in idealism and inspiration. OCAA intends to recapture that spirit.

Certified Organic Carrots
certified organic farm

Foods labeled "Certified Organic" have become the gold standard for health and sustainability. But unfortunately, as the organic market expands, big corporations, especially those that gobble up organic brands, are constantly seeking to change the rules so they can label more of their products “organic.” This has led to erosion of both organic standards and consumer trust in the organic label for products such as eggs, milk and even grains. OCAA is committed to exposing the fraudulent players in the organic industry, while working fighting for stronger, not weaker, organic standards.

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